You are anything but boring. By reading your post I am assured that
there are others that are going through what I am going through and that
makes me feel like I am not alone. Thank you so much for that!

Some days, I just don’t think I can crawl out of bed at all….
That is the only future I see for myself right now, curled up in a ball
in my bedroom or the living room…forever…wasting away while life
goes on around me and people who care about me move on…..
Valdez, Alaska

Hi Mary-Jo,
I hope that your Mom is doing ok and she should use her cane as
she doesn’t want to fall again…I just didn’t like the cortazone shot
as it was swollen for 3 days and I couldn’t put my shoe on or go hurt just to walk..going to try and hopefully today I can
put my brace on so that I can go outside…so if noone hears from me

have a good day…

Dear Rachael

Reading your post was like looking in a mirror..   I started  a year ago Feb. on prednisone at 40 mg. for lupus and myositis..that is severe muscle weakness.  I lost all the muscle tone in my body and was down to 93 pounds.  I am still on prednisone but am down to 4 mg. a day.  I had most of the side effects you had….I even got two cat scans of my head because I was afraid I had a brain tumor as I felt like I was falling to one side all the time…..that big old pumpkin face will go away when you start to go down….my only advice I can give you  is please, please, geton some kind of bone building meds….I am on actonel now…I was on prednisone for 8 months before i took any and I fractured my entire spine…I could not get out of bed for 6 months….I do walk with a cane now but still have the back pain…..I hate prednisone it destroyed my life but then it saved my life also….I would not be typing to you now with my cats at my feet and my back sore…..I would be dead .   You may e mail me anytine at feline22@… if you want to talk or are sad or mad…..just make sure you call your dr. you must have a bone builder…osteoporosis is the big side of prednisone…

keep your chin up


Glad to hear you had successful surgery and at home. Did they remove the entire prostate and cancer? Good luck on your recovery. What kind of post-treatment will you have?
The entire prostate was removed. Both nerves were spared. The pathology report showed the cancer to be well contained within the organ, so there are no plans for radiation or other treatment.


Hi all.

First diagnosed from skin biopsy with sarcoid in April 2000.
Developed heart conduction problems a few months later with severe
breathing problems but dont have sarcoid in my lungs. Last November
diagnosed with sarcoid in my eyes and then began a sarcoid flare. It
was so bad it crossed my mind I might die. Most of the doctors I saw
had no idea what was wrong with me which didnt help. I came across
protocol and thought that as the doctors werent helping I might as
well give it a try. Started to stay out of the sun .got my 125vit d
and vit d3 done at my local surgery. 1,25 vit d was high.,so I cut
out all vit d out of my diet . At the time I was so bad with such
severe pain I was put on prednisolone for the month of January. I
then asked my doctor to give me Minocycline. He agreed but wont give
Benicar as he is worried as to what it will do to my B/P. I
gradually worked up to 100mgs of Mino every other day and am now
still on this dose. I have been steadilly improving. No more severe
pain.very little burning in hands and feet. Eyes no longer burning or
itching. Exhaustion going and I can sleep all night long. Even the
profuse sweating is almost gone. I am currently awaiting a bed at the
royal free in London so will ask about Benicar there. Will keep all
informed. Cant thank Trevor marshall enough for all his help.


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Thank you for writing. I have been trying the Marshall Protocol for
several months now. What I can say is that I have experienced several
forms of Herx from taking Miniocycline from mild headaches and
strange ticks in my legs to feeling as if my sarc was rapidly getting
worse. The last time I herxed I had pains in my lungs so bad that I
had to stop taking the antibiotics (ciprofloxacin 500mg). I really thought I was going to
die from it. As it turned out my sarc was not getting worse. It took
several days for the pain to go away but it eventually did and now I
am certain my sarc is reacting to the minocycline. I don’t know if
that means that I am getting better, but several people from Sarcinfo
say that this is the case. Only time will tell. I can also say that I
am encouraged by what I have experienced with the Marshall protocol
even though it is very hard to deal with the pain.


I’m 55 yrs. old Black Man and I have been dealing with Sarcoidosis
for about 20yrs. The last 5 yrs. have been the worst with serve nose
bleed. The only thing that stops it is heavy dose of Prednisone for
up to 3 weeks. If anyone knows of nature way to treat Sarcoidosis
without use Prednisone ,please send me information on it.


When John, aged 62, first came to Eric Braverman, M.D., director of the
Princeton Associates for Total Health, he had suffered from high blood
pressure for 10 years. His levels for cholesterol, triglycerides, and
high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL), which are key indicators of
heart health, were highly imbalanced and he was taking strong daily doses of
3 conventional medications. When John began Dr. Braverman’s program, his
blood pressure was 140/90.

First, Dr. Braverman put John on a low carbohydrate, high protein diet to
help him lose weight. Next, he started John on daily supplementation with
evening primrose and fish oil, a niacin-garlic formula, safflower oil, and a
hypertension nutrient formula. This consisted of garlic powder (200 mg), the
amino acid taurine (200 mg), magnesium (oxide, 50 mg), potassium (chloride,
6.7 mg), selenium (sodium selenite, 20 mcg), zinc (chelate, 4 mg), chromium
(chloride, 26.7 mcg), niacinamide (50 mg), vitamin C (40 mg), molybdenum (40
mg), vitamin B6 (50 mg), and beta carotene (1222.33 IU), furosemide 100mg. John took 6 pills
daily of this formula.

Dr. Braverman used a hypertension formula he specially developed for his
blood-pressure-lowering program, as well as a magnesium formula, containing
vitamin B6 (65 mg), magnesium (oxide, 470 mg), and zinc (chelate, 15 mg).

Two weeks into the program, John’s cholesterol had dropped from 264 to 131,
his triglycerides had decreased from 161 to 100, his blood pressure was
120/80, and his HDL increased positively from 59 to 64. John was able to
stop taking his conventional medications. After another week on the
nutrients, his blood pressure was a healthier 110/80.

Over the following months, Dr. Braverman reduced John’s nutrient program and
adjusted his diet. John continued to be drug-free, his energy level and
sexual drive had increased, and he was doing fantastically well, reports
Dr. Braverman.